Watch : This Is What A Coloured Man Was Spotted Doing To A Woman

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A security organization helped a bravo female recently when she was being looted and attacked by a Charlie male, the occurrence occurred without trying to hide and the man was seen hopping into a white Datson. The data was flowed and arrived at the officials who quickly prepared to the area and got the man with the vehicle that was being utilized during the burglary. The one who was looted is at Brighton Beach opening the case off theft and attack.

That is the place where the suspects will be confined. Saps and local area CPF individuals remained off blamed was given over to Brighton Beach SAPS. The speedy reaction of the police helped in capturing the suspect and this is the thing that ought to happen all the more regularly, so that is the reason individuals from people in general are asked to help each other and furthermore ensure that the report crimes while they are as yet occurring.


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