"You will return to prison where you belong" - Mrs Okezie blasts a follower who accused her.

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Mother of the Alleged Molested boy of Deeperlife high school, Mrs Deborah Okezie has called out a Nigerian man for His comment on the issue on ground regarding to she and her son's relationship with resolution Technologies.

We could recall that late last year, the news of Don Davis, Son of Mrs Deborah Okezie who was allegedly molested and Maltreated while at school flooded the Internet. This really brought a lot of mixed reactions from Nigerians who were of different opinions.

We could as well recall that earlier this year Don Davis' mother took to her Facebook page to announce his son's ambassadorial deal with a particular company known as resolution technologies. Pictures of the Contract signing were displayed on her page.

Few days ago Don Davis' mother made a live video, lashing angrily at resolution technologies and tagging them as a scam, having allegedly defrauding people of their hard earned money. According to her, she had promised her followers on Facebook that she would be reporting any fraudulent activity that she notices with the company. She reportedly made that promise to her followers on the 14th of February 2021.

According to her in the video, she claims that the company is yet to fulfill all the promises they gave out to His son while signing the contract according to her, the only money that was given to her was 150k as at the period of the contract signing.

She made it clear that the company is a scam and has defrauded a lot of people including a widow with 5 kid who invested 5 million Naira into their company and she is now homeless . According to her all the promises made to Don Davis were all paper works and non fulfilled.

Don Davis mother was seriously against any form of fraudulent activity from the company, stating that they cannot use her son to defraud other people.

As usual, there would be reactions from fans online. Some claimed to have known that the company was a scam.

On Saturday 3rd of April, Don Davis' mother released another post on her Facebook, where she blasted a follower who Said we was saying rubbish because the company refused to give her more shares. In her response to the Man's comment, she made it clear that she had received nothing from No one and that the man would return to prison where he belongs.

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