What do we have economically in resources that can change the situation of Zimbabwe?

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What economic resources do we have that can alter the situation in Zimbabwe? We are a privileged nation with an abundance of land and natural resources, but the ZANU-PF failed to recognize our strength in these areas in order to grow the nation. All that matters now, as we prepare for the difficult times ahead to remove ZANU-PF from power and build a competitive Zimbabwe, is recognizing our wisdom, strength, and capacity as a nation. The world is awaiting our best strategy and will provide all the support we require. People should know that ZANU PF will never again be in power when we have our inaugural press conference. Be courageous, it's a new day

I pray that the people of Zimbabwe realize that when we take perilous risks, it is for their benefit, and that only a servant leader can address Zimbabwe's problems. A man like Moses or David, who were both historical shepherds of sheep, a nonentity in the eyes of many; the rest we leave for next year while we try our best to construct a championship team.



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