Meet The Biological Kid Brother of Dr. Lawrence Tetteh. PICS


Dr Ebenezer Tetteh who is a younger brother to the renowned, Dr Lawrence Tetteh, an Economist and Founder and President of Worldwide Miracle Outreach.

Dr Ebenezer Tetteh, a UK-based Ghanaian Clinical Psychologist, Consultant, Entrepreneur, ordained minister of the gospel and leads a non-denominational global ministry, that is spreading the gospel through ministration on television, radio, books, newsletters and on online.

Dr Ebenezer Tetteh started his education in Ghana, continued in Budapest, Hungary and completed in the United Kingdom, where he was trained as a clinical psychologist. He also has a doctorate in Theology at Oral Robert University. He has engaged in various courses in many universities around the world, conducting research. He is a conference speaker, and has given numerous lectures at various universities in Europe and Africa. He is a regular conference speaker at The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and the University of Ghana, Legon and is a member of various boards in both the private and public sector, one of which is the Presidential Outreach International, a South African based organisation that awards Presidents for their works in making a difference in the lives of humanity.

His ministry organizes the Eagle Faith Conference International (EFCI) as a platform to empower believers for greater works. When he was starting out, he had said that "God birthed in my heart several years ago as His mandate to me to free His people from fear, poverty, satanic and mental bondages as well as mediocrity. I knew that when the time of 'Go Ye' comes, I won't delay for a moment. I am therefore so excited to announce that this is the time and so I introduce to you, the Eagle Faith Conference International." according to a news report.

Dr Tetteh is noted to have said prior to taking up the ministerial call upon his life that, for a long time he tried to run away from the gospel but anytime he evangelized, the impact was so strong and the demand by people was very powerful, making him decide finally to take it up and fulfil his life's purpose. Dr Tetteh's ministry is not limited to any particular denomination, as his EFCI operates in faith, with vision, with integrity and in the spirit of excellence and they have purposed to bring hope, healing, wholeness, love, prosperity and God's power to the world and make an indelible global impact.

They are committed to use the transforming power of God's word to motivate people of all nations and cultures to have vision and to soar in their faith in Christ as they are quickened by the Gospel of Jesus Christ that they present, as EFCI is sent by God to raise today, tomorrow's generation of Godly leaders of eagle faith and clear vision, and a people set free from all forms of bondage, empowered to walk in integrity, compassion and of excellent report. 'EFCI believes and teaches that our integrity before God, our families or relationships, at church and in business is what will give us liberty to enjoy God's prosperity and good fellowship with others.

Dr Tetteh as a psychologist, leads a team of health experts who administer health, Bible-centred psychological therapies and professional counselling to those afflicted with diverse emotional and psychological illnesses as well as those with faulty thinking and in line with this, EFCI reaches out in compassion and embark on medical missions to under-privileged nations in Africa and other targeted countries in other parts of the world, to accomplish the multi-purpose mission and EFCI has in place diverse activities and programmes including the annual 'Eagle- Faith Conferences designed to help people develop their 'mustard seed' faith until they grow strong and soar on the wings of eagle faith, bringing the best out of them.

Dr Tetteh, who is a motivational speaker of international repute and ministers to corporate organisations and church leaders also organizes management seminars and conferences for fellowships and schools, as they help individuals, ministries and organisations learn how to effectively manage their lives, time, mental world, money, property and businesses, engaging in a number of international events in the United Kingdom, Italy, Europe, The Caribbean and in Ghana.


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