It is Only in Kenya That World Renown Economic Model Conjures Vivid Images of Backside~ City Lawyer

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Amhednasir Abdullahi alias Grand Mulla is a city lawyer, constitutional lawyer, senior counsel, chairman of senior counsel committee and publisher of Nairobi Law Monthly. City lawyer is an ardent support of Deputy president William Ruto and advocate of ' Hustler' philosophy.

On Wednesday via his twitter account, Amhednasir Abdullahi hit at bottom up economic approach model. He alleged that it only Kenya that bottom up approach model is still considered lesser and inferior.

" It is only in Kenya and especially in simple minds that the world renown economic model of #BottomUpEconomicsKE conjures vivid images of the backside of the human anatomy!" City lawyer Amhednasir Abdullahi.

Bottom up economic model is a blue print of United States economic processes where government puts efforts in small enterprises, small incentives and innovations that acts as backbone of large industries thus keeping economic graph soaring higher. As clocks ticks to 2022 general elections, Deputy President William Ruto who is in presidential race is using the model as his political weapon to gain votes amongst Kenyans.

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