KASOA: Painful As Beautiful Twin Lady Dies After Getting Burnt In Gas Explosion

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Less than a month to Christmas, this sad news has got the people living in Kasoa, and its environs in a mourning state following the painful death of a young beautiful twin lady. 

Barbara, the youngest of a twin was confirmed dead this morning by a relative, failing to survive after getting burnt severely during a gas explosion at the Kasoa Zongo. 

The deceased, who is a Senior High School graduate and believed to be in her early 20s was rushed to the hospital together with four others who were involved in the explosion.

Ferida, who is part of the other four according to an eyewitness is in a critical condition as a result of the explosion.

"They sell calabashes at Kasoa Zongo and had come early in the morning to sell as they do often. Out of the blue, a car that contained gas exploded right in front of them leaving all five in a burnt state. Unfortunately, Barbara died this morning and Ferida is still in a critical state." The eye-witness narrated. 

Let us all be extra careful as we head towards a new year. 

May her soul rest in peace. See her photos below: 

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