Check Out Signs Of Kidney Disease


Kidneys are important organs in Human bodies and when they stop functioning we can die unless we get donation. We need to check our Kidneys Inorder to eliminate any disease that may affect them. Today's article contains signs of kidney diseases that affects humans, they include;

1. Becoming more tired, having less energy or having trouble in concentrating. When kidney function decreases, can result in build up of toxins and also impurities in blood. When such happens, people will feel tired, poor concentration and also become weak.

2. Having trouble in sleeping. Kidney disease is associated with difficulties in sleeping in that, when Kidneys are not filtering properly, toxins fail to leave the body in urine form and stays in the blood. This hinders you from getting sleep. therefore when person experience such, he may have kidney disease.

3. Having itchy and dry skin. Body wastes and extra fluids are removed by the help of the kidneys which helps in keeping bones strong and in making red blood cells. They also help in maintaining the required amount of minerals in human blood. Therefore itchy and dry skin is a sign that shows kidneys fail to maintain required minerals and nutrients in the blood.

4. Having the feeling to urinate more often especially at night. Urge to urinate more often arise from damaged kidneys filters and sometimes it can be a sign of enlarged prostate or urinary infection.

5. Seeing blood in your urine. When filters of kidneys are damaged, there is a chance of blood cells leakage into the urine. Kidney stones, tumors or an infection can be also cause blood in urine.

6. Having cramping muscles. Electrolyte imbalances result from kidney impaired function, e.g low levels of calcium and poorly phosphorus controlled may result to muscle cramping.

Other signs include; having urine that is foamy, having poor appetite, having swollen feet and ankles.