Riot in Nandi after Police shot a cobbler for not wearing face mask


Riots have been experienced in Lesosi in Nandi county after police shot a shoe repair man. It was alleged that the police shot the disabled shoe repair man because he was not wearing the face mask. People have condemned the incident. The furious mob went on and burnt the house of that police. People scattered on the street along the Kapsabet-Eldoret road. The furious residents are rioting and demanding the justice of deceased.

People in that area are claiming that they are tired of brutal police. The man who was shot is a disabled man. He was known to many as a polite and charming man. His job was to repair and polishes shoes. This is how he used to rise his daily day bread.

Many people have complained of police brutality. Several cases of police brutality have been reported. People are carrying for justice. Many innocent people have been killed mercilessly by brutal police. This is not happening only in Kenya. It is happening in all parts of the world. It is few weeks ago after black American man was mercilessly murdered by a white Minneapolis police in Minnesota. Why police shot a disabled man because of lack of face mask!


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