Meet footballer that has played for 5 years without missing a single match


Football is a game of passion and determination, some players tend to play in every single match that their club is having. Atletico Bilbao striker has been one of the most talented stars in Laliga and he has played in every single Laliga match for five years.

Inaki Williams is a Spanish striker and he has played 191 games in a row without missing any in the Laliga. Inaki Williams is a player with pace, good skills, dribbling abilities, and a killer eye for a good pass.

Inaki Williams hardly goes down whenever he is fouled by an opponent in the opposition half. The Spaniard is agile and strong, he has now played for five years without having a single injury that will rule him out of a match for his football club.

It is rare for a player to play for five years without getting injured and this is one reason why he is their talisman in the Spanish club.

Source: Goal.

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