"Pombe Sio Maji," Naivasha Trip Goes Bad After A Lady Allegedly Drunk Too Much Alcohol


The Naivasha excitement has been making headlines all over as Subaru Boys carried their girlfriends to the place. This was in preparation for the Safari Rally Championship which started in Naivasha. Everyone was headed to Naivasha to watch the Rally and do a lot of things for personal entertainment.

However, the going became so good until it turned into a source of trouble. This came after people especially ladies engaged in drinking too much until they almost died. There was a lady who drunk too much alcohol causing a scene after she almost succumbed to it. The lady was in a critical condition where she was fetched from the grounds by a Bodaboda.

Video Link: https://www.facebook.com/100044465285150/posts/346245880200919/?app=fbl

The lady was so weak beyond recognition. This is something that was witnessed some weeks ago among campus girls who drunk too much alcohol. It's so sad to see a generation where ladies cause such scenes. Parents should take the responsibility and guide there children on how to live a good life. 

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