A fan of Reno Omokri fine-tunes his call for Africans to shun white wedding.


Reno Onokri and his fan have stood out against white wedding, saying that it is not for Africans and their religion.

The call for Africans to embrace their culture is a welcome development and it seems that many Africans, particularly Nigerians are spreading the message.

On several occasions, Reno Omokri shared a post on his official Twitter page telling Africans that white wedding popularly known as church wedding is not biblical and does not belong to Christians and African people.

The Spokesman has made it clear and insists that white wedding is a traditional wedding practised among the Europeans, just like Africans have their traditional weddings.

Reno Omokri having travelled to many parts of the world and witnessed different cultures, is saying that in Europe, it is the bride's family that traditionally pay for white weddings.

To make his claim more convincing, he has asked everyone to research it, adding that those who want to practise it should follow it in the way it is being done in Europe; that is the bride's father paying for the white wedding.

He wrote "A white wedding isn't a Christian wedding. If you insist on copying it, copy it all the way. It is the brides family that pays for a white wedding in Europe. Research it. If you want it, ask your father to pay for it".

Reacting to the post, his fan identified by her Twitter account, Isi Ecee or @isiihenyen pointed out that It is not only white wedding Africans have copied. Adding that they have copied a lot of things up to monogamy.

Furthermore, she added that Europeans added their culture in Christian worshipping and Africans abandoned their way of life and embraced the one that was not made for them.

She wrote, "A whole lot even down to monogamy. The Europeans added their culture to Christianity and Africans threw their's away and followed that of the Europeans".

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