Play Turns Tragic After a Child Who Was Showing Her Friends How To Commit Suicide Dies


Residents of Zombe are still in shock after a young grade three girl died as she was playing with her friends showing them how to commit suicide.

According to sources the young girl Claudia Florence, 9 year old died during a child play time.

Sources indicate that the 9 year old girl died after she used one of her mothers clothing displaying to her friends.

According to Jamii forums the body of the young girl has been ferried to the mortuary by police officers who toured the scene.

The horrifying incident comes at a time children in kenya are currently spending some time at home after a school holiday.


Parents should always be observant and make sure they keep a close eye on all their children.

In the recent past children have been involved is some breath taking activities that some rendered them lifeless.

Its very painful to lose a child while she is playing with her friends, parents should be careful with the kind of games their children are practicing.