5 Ways To Maintain Your Marriage and Avoid Divorce


Marriage is a lifetime choice and it is advised once you're in don't desire to get out, just fight build and avoid putting kids through rough patches of being brought up by a single parent.

Keeping your marriage intact and successful is a call that needs both partners to invest in. Both figures i.e. the father figure and mother figure are very important in rearing children. Here are some of the tips to ensure your marriage lasts.

Remain faithful.

No partner wants to share their loved ones, love is jealousy and once you understand this the idea of cheating will never cross your mind.

Make time for your partner.

Love is also about attention and how best or good you care about your partner. Normalize making time for your love and ensure you listen to each other and always come understanding about any matter concerning marriage or family.

Trust each other.

Trust is earned and by the time you decide to get married i believe you already trust each other. Ensure always that the trust is intact and any temptations to destroy the trust should be dealt with immediately, never postpone issues affecting you.

Compliment your spouse.

It is the small things that matter; things like small compliments and reminders, cute compliments and corrections will make your spouse see that you are paying attention and this will always strengthen your bond.

Take care of your appearance.

Always make sure you look good for your partner, be presentable and look nice. This also means your health, look fit, healthy and juicy. make your spouse always admire you.

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