Aaron Motsoaledi, Why are these IDs not Frozen & Bank Accounts Closed see what happens

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800,000 duplicate IDs were found in 2020 by the Minister of Home Affairs, and 6,5 million fraudulent permanent residences were found in 2021 by the Deputy Minister at the Powerful Confirmation in November of the same year. Why aren't these IDs and bank accounts frozen and closed?

The difficulty is that most of these people are university professors, Eskom management, and MPs, and they're afraid to take action because of the potential economic consequences. In fact, we are being held ransom by eskom's managers while the power utility crumbles. It appears that sabotage is coming from within, and the DHA must act to stop these people from destroying South Africa. Fundraising and a court order can force the Minister to reveal the Audit and freeze his identity.

How can this be? Foreigners are even better since they have these groups that constantly push our desire to organize ourselves better today. We always talk but do nothing. We can utilize PSAF's account for this, too. Patriots, I say, let's do it for our children and future generations. As a result of the invasion of foreigners, our nation will be taken over by foreigners. Linked bank accounts and everything else associated with that ID will be prohibited if they are barred from DHA directly. @HomeAffairsSA was the one who permitted this to happen and they are the ones who can stop it. True, the true reason they haven't is something we haven't yet discovered.

Putting a stop to people from opening new bank accounts can assist the state recover money that was earned via illegal means, but will these people create new accounts anyway? While in a normal nation, the foreigners would be deported and the collaborators prosecuted, Mzansi is a banana republic and it will continue to operate as usual. The ruling party lacks political will.



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