"I Still Love My Ex Cindy" Emotional Heartbroken NRG Radio Presenter Shaq Says

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One of the famous Nrg Radio Presenter Shaq the Yungin is currently facing the hardest moment in his life, this is after his girlfriend Cindy had 'sex' with his best friend Sean, and also went a head dating Sean.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, heartbroken Shaq said that he is still not believing that Cindy left him for his best friend, Shaq termed this as the betrayal of the highest level.

He said that he had decided to settle with Cindy, and he was very loyal to her and gave her everything she wanted. Shaq who was emotional while narrating the whole incident, said that he still loves Cindy and it will take him time to heal and move on. Shaq said that he was a gentleman, and he always protected Cindy and he has never beaten her. He said he has left all to God and he is currently concentrating on the healing process.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.


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