How to cleanse your lungs naturally


Cleansing your lungs always can be a good thing for people who smoke,those who regularly are exposed to air pollution and those with chronic health conditions that affect the respiratory system.

Keeping your lungs clean can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep away from any health conditions.

Is it possible to clean your lungs? Yes of course there are specific ways to help clear the mucus and irritants from the lungs that causes chest congestion. These methods can improve the airways,improve lung capacity and reduce inflammation.

Here are the natural ways to cleanse your lungs.

Steaming inhalation method.

This method involves inhaling water vapor or moist to open the airways and help the lungs to drain mucus. It's effective but it's a temporal solution.

Control cough method.

Coughing is the way of removing toxins that are trapped in the mucus. Controlled coughing it loosens excess mucus in the lungs send it up through the airways.

Doing exercises.

Regular exercise improves the physical and mental health and It decreases some risk health conditions. As you exercise the muscles works harder which increases the body's breathing rate. Then oxygen is supplied hence the greater the supply of oxygen to the muscles the greater the circulation.

Drinking green tea.

Green tea is high in antioxidants that help to reduce inflammation in the lungs. It will also help the lungs tissue from harmful effects.

Eat more of anti inflammatory foods.

Inflammation of the airways can make breathing difficult. Eating these foods can reduce the inflammation and relieve the symptoms. These foods are leafy green,cherries, blueberries,beans, lentils and turmeric.

Maintain your lungs health by practising these natural ways.