Even in Church; Check Out Obiano’s Usual Habit That Ndi Anambra Finds Displeasing.


A former aide to Mr Peter Obi and a well known opposition to Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state has taken to Facebook to register his displeasure to Obiano’s habit of leg crossing. According to Rapheal Okoye, Leg Crossing simply shows a sign of disrespect and disregard by the Governor- especially in the house of God.


He personally wrote ” Governor Obiano has to bear in mind that he's a governor of a state and as such should be mindful of the way he conduct himself in the public. Even if he's not a governor, why would a worshipper cross his legs in the church?”

“If he has his way, he would ask them to get cushion for him, because an inner mind must have told him that he has outgrown a wooden chair and shouldn't also be on the same seat with others.”

His post generated several reactions from well meaning Ndi Anambra- While majority found reasons with the young man, others berated him for trying to caricature the Governor.

“As Ndi Igbo, In our culture, while there are no real taboos concerning crossing one's legs, we tend to cross our legs to get comfortable while sitting. Should we cross our legs in church? No. Not because it is "wrong" to ever cross legs, but rather because it is too casual - and too relaxed - for being in church. Just think about it, when you get settled in your favorite chair at home, you lean back, cross your legs, and then your mind can wander anywhere it wants to. Remember that sitting in church is a concession, not the normative way of prayer.” Joy Ulasi, A well known political commented.

“You surely don't want to get too relaxed and let your mind wander off too much. In fact, when you do sit in church, you should sit attentively - and not too comfortably. When sitting in church, keep those feet on the floor, ready to stand at attention (which is what "Let us attend" means). Cross yourself with your fingers and hand - but don't cross your legs” She clarified.

In my opinion, Leg crossing has long been linked to morality and etiquette. In some countries and cultures leg crossing is looked on as casual, disrespectful, and altogether lower class.

For the same reasons, many orthodox religions especially the Roman Catholic Church frown upon leg crossing in church. And what’s good for the soul should be good for the feet as well.

But piety and respect aside, you’re unlikely to do any long-lasting harm simply by crossing your legs while sitting. Those criticizing the Governor because of his habit of crossing legs is therefore playing politics of bitterness.

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