As For Me, I Believed All The Stories About What They Claim Rawlings Did To Them In The 80s -Sammens


The Managing Director of CITI TV/FM, and the Vice President of Ghana Independent Broadcasters Association (GIBA), Samuel Attah-Mensah, also known as (Sammens), has taken a swipe at veteran politicians and journalists who seem to doubt the narrative given by Caleb Kudah after his arrest by National Security.

According to Samuel Attah-Mensah, he believes all the stories about what they (Veteran politicians/Journalist) claim the late Rawlings did to them in the 80s.

Samuel Attah-Mensah made this statement in a Twitter post some few hours ago.

"I have read some of the articles by some old politicians/journalists regarding the Caleb issue. All I can say is "Power is sweet"!. As for me, I believe all the stories about what they claim Rawlings did to them in the 80s. Bye-bye.." - he posted on Twitter.

Check out Samuel Attah-Mensah's post below:

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