Can You Bake a Cake Using a Gas Cooker?


I know most people have felt time and again like they are unable to bake because maybe they cannot afford an oven. In this episode, I have the perfect steps of baking a cake using a gas cooker and two sufurias only.

The Requirements/ Ingredients.

a). Source of heat. In our case we're specific to using a gas cooker.

b). Two sufurias of different sizes, one should be tiny than the other.

c). Salt/soil/sand.

d). 3 stones (small stones).

The Procedure


It is good to note that I'm assuming that you have the ingredients that are used in baking, and that you've already done your mixing, with that, let's continue;

1. Take the larger sufuria and put it on a gas. Pre-heat the sufuria and make sure it's dry.

2. Add salt or soil and spread evenly.

3. Place stones and space them accordingly to accommodate the inner small sufuria.

4. Place the tiny sufuria inside the big one, cover them and heat them a little.

5. After heating the sufurias, place the cake mix inside the tiny one.

7. Cover tightly and let it cook.

X easy steps of cooking cake using a gas cooker

That's the sweet baked cake 🍰.

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