The most secured and safest bank in Kenya.


kenya Commercial Bank was ranked as the safest bank in Kenya and East and Central Africa by World Bank. KCB has always and still put security and privscy of thdir customers at the fore front.

When a customer whats to withdraw large sums of money or deposit the bank provides high security from the top four security branches in Kenya namely: G4S, KK security, SGA and Patrol security, hence they ensure the security of their customers is guaranteed

KCB has one of the safest mobile apps which are accessible to Apple store, play store and galaxy store thus accessible to any of their customers. KCB mobile banking has been a means of many Kenyans to access their money any where and anytime with no need to go to the long ques at the bank

KCB has got one of the most displined customer cares you could ever got, at the entrance you are checked by guard if you are armed and if you are clean from any arms then you are allowed to get into the bank . Once in the bank you are directed to the ticket mashine before you are served to the tellers who are always ready and kind .


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