Photos of Kibaki's grandson Sean Andrew

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Sean Andrew Kibaki was born in October 1993 Nairobi. He went to United States International University (USIU) and did physcology and minor in international relations. He came into limelight in may 2016 after he hit the podium to pay tribute to his late grandmother and the former first lady Lucy Kibaki. Before then he was only known in his private circle of friends.

Sean is a photographer and a fashion model. He loves photography, traveling, enjoys modelling , traveling with friends and playing golf or tennis. He says he speaks Kiswahili and he is fluent in Kikuyu and French.

His ideal woman is someone who have a personality, taller than him, speak languages that he speaks, colour and status doesn't matter to him but she should be street smart because she need to know how to survive.

Sean Andrew is a handsome man which have made him to be a crush for many women. Here are some of his pictures:

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