Update: Man Who Killed New Born Baby And Mother In Enugu Caught, Beaten To Comma By Community Youth


This is a tragic moment in the street of Amechi in the state of Enugu. This morning, a young man was caught in the act of killing a young woman who had just given birth to a bouncing baby boy a few days ago. 

The information gathered is that the crime scene as the house help of the victim reveals the story of how it all happened to him.

According to the house help, I was inside the room to organize stuff when an unknown man came knocking on the door, and my madam went to open the door, and unexpectedly the man pushed my madam down and opened the door as I peeped through the cotton of the room.

The man took out a knife and stabbed my mother and her newborn baby, that was when I rushed through the back door of the house to go and call the neighbors to come to my rescue.


I assume the youth are expected to hand the guy over to the Nigerian police instead of the action they are taking.

The youth are taking laws into their hands as they beat the young man into a comma, the man was weeping, saying it's the devil's work, please, you people will forgive me.

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