"Tonight On #DurbanGen: Sne Pops In For A Quick Visit "

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Sne Pops In For A Quick Visit

Tonight Sne visits Durban General hospital. It's good to have Sne back. Since she went away with her husband after their wedding day. Sne seems happy but she is in an unhappy marriage because she did not want to disappoint her parents. She watched herself get into the lions den.

Her mother forced her to get married after witnessing the hot slap that she received on her wedding day instead of encouraging her to call of the wedding. What kind of a mother does that. In fast who hits a child infront of the mother?. Other mothers are just cruel.

Now she is in an abusive and unhealthy marriage. Yes it was her dream to marry a doctor but not to put up with the abuse that she is getting. Judging from the bruses that Mbali complained about on her body she is really being abused by his husband Dhlomo. Marriage life must be hell for her. She should just get out of the marriage because clearly Dhlomo does not love her. If he loved her he wouldn't abuse her. He does not need a wife but a punching bag and Sne is doing a good job by being the bag. She better divorce now before its too late. Being single is better than being someone's punching bag. Now she knows the meaning of not all glitters is gold.



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