Why Should Hustler Nation Demand DP Ruto To Send CBC Extinct (Opinion)

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Evidently,industrialization creates employment while bad policies like over taxation scares away investors. 8.4.4 is not the reason we have mass unemployment. If that was to be the case we wouldn't have this massive brain drain.

For some Kenyans,Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) was the best thing that has ever happened in the education ministry.

Therefore DP William Ruto's UDA party statement from his close ally Aaron Cheruiyot on changing Kenyan education system or rather removing the CBC programme has caused stir online as his fans have got divided opinions.

According to a trending youtube video below is UDA's claims on what they could do if they secure a chance in the next presidential contest.

Click to watch: https://youtu.be/_OJntIhkZt8

Therefore the big question is;

Was 8-4-4 a good system in the first place? Look at the level of unemployment in our country i like CBC because of the diversification it brings 8-4-4 was basically for only the bright ones if you are not bright you apparently have nothing to offer.

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