Pascal Tokodi's Wife Sends A Cryptic Message To Her Critics About Having Kids (Photos)

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In a long Instagram post, Pascal Tokodi's wife Grace Ekirapa took her critics head-on on a very sensitive topic in a marriage that involves getting children. Grace did not mince her words to people who have the tendency of putting couples under pressure in getting children after their wedding day without even considering what the couple has agreed on.[Photo courtesy]

Grace categorically said that when it comes to having children there are 3 kinds of couples.

1.Those who want children, work hard towards making them as soon as they get married.

2.Those who pursue their careers first then plan for children later.

3.Those who decide to adopt children instead of having them biologically.

Grace told off people who rush to come up with vague reasons regarding couples who struggle to get children as they have no idea what they put the couple through especially those who have been medically diagnosed with the inability to sire children. " It is unfair for an outsider to impose on a married couples life and even raise insults about their life and why they are not bringing children into the world," part of Ekirapa's caption read.[Photo courtesy]

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