Check Out What A Man Did With A Pregnancy Test And A Bible After Sleeping With His Girlfriend

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Most guys worry about becoming fathers, but they have no problem getting intimate with a woman. Oftentimes, guidance counselors will tell young men to wait until they are married before sleeping with a woman. Sadly, it appears that most young people do not heed that counsel.

Most people agree with me that it's bad for both the woman and the man when an unmarried man has an unplanned pregnancy. The truth, however, is that a man's future obligations only serve to increase his level of concern.

A young man was filmed praying while holding a Bible and a pregnancy test, and the viral video startled the internet. After sleeping with his girlfriend, the man prayed to God that the pregnancy test would come back negative. When the test is positive, he says he will be unable to afford to care for the child in light of the current economic climate.

Younger people who aren't married but are nonetheless having sexual encounters should heed this caution. The man's distress at the possibility that he had conceived a child with his girlfriend was palpable.


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