Monarch Send Strong Message To Land Owners In Ona Ara Local Government Area Of Ibadan.


The Alajia of Ajia in Ona Ara neighborhood government region of Ibadan, Oba Yusuf Nurain Adebona has said that Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde has no designs to procure a few bundles of land in the town without remunerating legitimate proprietors of the property. 

Oba Adebona made this revelation on Monday while tending to a question and answer session coordinated by Inukan Development Forum drove by Sunday Gbenjo at Ajia town. 

Our reporter assembled that a few occupants of the town as of late arranged a dissent over the supposed obtaining of certain packages of land for the development of public offices by the Oyo State government. 

Review that Makinde who turned into the state lead representative on May 29th 2019 is from Ajia town. 

Yet, Adebona while talking with columnists, noticed that the state government has no designs to get the land without giving due remuneration to the legitimate influenced families and inhabitants. 

He said, "What I am keen on is the improvement of the town. At the point when I climbed the seat, I ensured that those individuals who had infringed on the public authority land are sent away. 

"Presently, the public authority needed to bring some formative undertakings and a few group said no, this isn't the first occasion when that the public authority will secure land, it is for improvement purposes. 

"Furthermore, we are advising individuals to be have confidence, that every one individuals who are legitimate proprietors will be repaid by the public authority. There is no arrangement to get the land powerfully." 

Gbenjo while talking, noticed that the public authority has guaranteed individuals that gathering of names will be done to repay the influenced families. 

He added that there is no requirement for the occupants to convey bulletins to dishonor the state government. 

"Besides, the public authority guaranteed that resemblance of names and properties influenced will be accomplished with the end goal of pay. 

"I, hence, see no explanation at all that couple of components will be going around conveying bulletins utilizing respectable men of the press to coerce the public authority of the day and Ajia people group. 

"The motivation behind why Ajia land obtaining is being referred to is not any more however political. I thus encourage you not to utilize Ajia as a springboard of grimy governmental issues. 

"We have the affirmation of our pleasant Governor that remuneration would be settled up on to all the influenced completely and last. The degree of pay will be comparable with the arrangement of Oyo State."