Be Careful, Not All Of Them Love You - Concerned Ghanaian Advises Manasseh


Ace investigative journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has been cautioned to be wary of the circle of social networks he builds around him. In a strong worded advice to Manasseh after sharing news about a two hundred thousand (200,000) followers on his Twitter handle, one Paul Osamau Narteyh noted that not all those people love him.

Manasseh who upon reflecting on the message felt his counsel was right. He admitted, humbly, the wisdom in the message stating that; "that is true."

Another noted that those numbers [followers] counts among persons who also hate Manasseh for what he does.

In a sharp response to this subject, Annan argued that the hatred that Manasseh suffers is mainly because of the good thing he does, adding that "if you don't have haters it means you are not doing something right."

A section of the commentators took the opportunity to congratulate him for it.

Though sarcastic it felt very necessary for Luqman Abubakari to argue that the numbers are meaningless until they make a positive impact to Manesseh's work at the Forth Estate, an initiative of Media Foundation For West Africa.

"Until all those followers impacts positively to the journey at the forth estates……those are meaningless!"

The feedback has been quiet insightful and it is expected that Manasseh would as usual take a cue from them, including the negative and hate speeches.


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