Fans left speechless after recent pictures of Lunathi Mampofu and her boyfriend

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Lunathi Mampofu loves the life she's living,  She shared a video of her and her man sharing they best moments of life . She says even though he may not be perfect she still loves him the way he is because no one is perfect in this world.

Lunathi is not just a famous actress but also does alot of things that brings out the passion in her. Things such as love for food and keeping her physical fitness in order . The actress is the person of Mzansi Magic on the show named the queen.

She played Zikhona on the SABC1 Tv show ingozi . She also a sister to the Mampofu twins.

Lunathi is a woman of faith she has been through alot and still managed to achieve her dreams. I love the fact that she is not afraid of what people say about her ,just like her saying she doesn't care what people say about her relationship

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