Shatta Wale is Causing More Confusion with Arnold On United Showbiz.

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Connection to Shatta Wale Nation Address, Arnold made a statement "Wale is Inconsistent and Confused " on the same Show Last Week. 

On UTV Ghana, United Showbiz is currently Live, and Shatta Wale is not taking it slightly with Arnold Addo on United Showbiz as he warned Arnold to correct his statement and say something better. 

According to Wale, he was trying to promote Ghana Music and not his career. So someone saying he (Shatta Wale) is inconsistent and confused literally means all he did in US had been annihilated. 

Arnold on the other hand said he sticks to what he had said, and that's the fact and nothing more. 

And the confusion is getting more and more ( getting out of hand) as Wale don't want Arnold to talk on the show anymore. Hmmm!! 

As the discussion still goes on, there are others Guest that are yet to share their opinions but it looks as if Shatta Wale is not ready to accept any thing from any body. 

We just pray the discussion end well!!

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