Kanayo bashes critics who link actors with uncouth bahavior of manipulating women

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Popular nollywood actor has come out to deny claims that girls and women are manipulated and asked for s**ual favours to be given roles in movies. Rumour has been circulating that women go through alot before they find themselves in films and movies, where they are asked to sleep with their peers so that they can get space in the industry.

The veteran actor has come out to shun this rumors citing as lies. Taking on her instagram page, he has asked the film fans not to buy the rumors they hear about s*x roles in a movie. He has defended the women and girls that they don't work to live upto those roles you see them take.

The actor on the other hand said that most women and girls are not ready to take up those roles hence the reason why they are left out but not because they denied the peers any favor.

It is also important that we should not judge someone on the role they have taken in a movie. For example Mama G, if we could judge her from the roles she takes in.movie, then she could not be having any fans absolutely.

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