'Am Ready For Task Ahead' Musalia The ANC Leader Proves He Is Ready For The 2022 Presidencial Seat


Am ready for the task ahead coming next election. These were the exact day from the ANC Leader Musalia mudavadi aka the maDVD. He was once the vice president of this country during the late president Moi's reigns.photo|courtesy

This has been the leader admired by many in the country . He had been fight for truth and Justice for a very long time and he thinks now it's the right time for him to liberate Kenyans.

On his speech he said he is the right hand to save the economy of this country . He added that it's the time to save what the Jubelee government wasn't able to perform. He also added by saying the current government has terribly failed it's citizen.

According to his followers they are very much ready to support him nomatter what. One of the supporter said he is the best but he should keep more effort on the entire country and not on the Western side.

'I don't know but something tells me Musalia Mudavadi is going to be the next president of these country', one of his followers commented on his tweet.


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