Mike Bamiloye Sends Message To Those Who Dress Seductively And Lustfully, See His Latest Post

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While it's a reality that everyone has the right to dress the way he or she desires to, you'll agree with me that there is a spiritual/religious angle to it.

For instance, the founder of the famous Christian movie Industry; Mount Zion in Person of Mike Bamiloye some minutes ago took to his Facebook page to send a message to those who are fond of dressing seductively. below is his post:

"You may not commit immorality but your dressing and appearances are seductive and lustful making a lot of people commit immorality and lust. how can you lead many to destruction and you escape perdition (eternal damnation)".

Although many reacted to the post by liking it and also sharing with others, if you are to share your thoughts about his post, what will it be?

Kindly share with us in the comment section below and also share this piece with someone.

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