"Don't Dare Join Politics," Jalang'o Warned By His Fans

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Well, Jalang'o had hinted sometime back that he would be vying for the Lang'ata constituency parliamentary seat in the 2022 general elections but he has come out to deny those allegations.

A campaign poster is been circulated showing his bid but he has termed it as fake.

Even though Jalang'o is disputing this poster as fake, everyone knows he has the interest for the Langata member of parliament seat. And his fans and followers have warned him not to dare think of joining politics as he will end up embarrassed.

Here are some of the best reactions from some of Jalango's fans. One said this, "The best advise that your wife can give you, is not to join politics. Watch again your interview with the Nopeu guy. He advised you well about politics."

Another fan said this, "Wamesema hawataki Comedians, ubaki comedy na Jalang'o tv."

Another fan added this, "Wacha chocha na uwezi kitu kaka majigambo mingi kama ringtone apoko na hakuna kitu."

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