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As if lately it seems like our police officers are trending for all the wrong reasons as we're speaking there's a video trending all over social media whereby a Nigerian man is refusing to be arrested by police.

Let me ask this question imagine a South African citizen being able to have the power to resist police officers in a fire land. I thought we were innocent until proven guilty by the court of law but nowadays that is not the case as it seems in the video.

It seems like our police officers have lost the fear factor, which is bad news for our citizens o far as the video is very short I can't tell if they were able to successfully arrest the man.

If people, in general, are no longer afraid of police it can only mean one thing only our crime rate is going, to escalate quickly which is going to be another serious pandemic.

It left a bitter taste in the mouth of our citizens, it seems like there's a certain group of people who are above the law.

The incident took place in Gauteng, he had help from his other Nigerian brothers and they told our police you can't arrest him one thing is for sure, a police officer will never try to arrest anybody without a valid reason. This place is always trending for all the wrong reasons a few months ago a huge fight broke, out between Nigerians fighting over the changing name of the street.

It's not nice to see our police officers being disrespected like this, it goes to show you certain things about our country are not right.

If our police department is going to lose its integrity we are doomed we won't see the need of reporting serious crimes, it's fair to me to describe the incident as disgraceful.


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