The School got burnt in an Attempt to making it Modern One.


The people of kodzi a village in the Anloga district of the Volta region are in the state of shock as the only Kindergarten block in the village got burnt yesterday afternoon. The kindergarten that takes a population of about 100 pupils and it consists of KG1, KG2 and office. 

The kindergarten block was built by the village people themselves in 2005. Since then it has been in use until the unfortunate incident yesterday.

With advancement in technology in this era, a concerned citizen of the village and with the support of the youths are trying to make the KG block a modern classroom for the kids. They renovated the block and fixed fans. They were fixing metal protector to protect the flat screen TVs when the welding machine catch fire. 

The fire destroyed the ceiling, the roof, toys, books, tables and chairs in the classroom. It took the intervention of the town guys to quench the fire by using sand and water. 

Fortunately nobody lost his or her life in the process but only some sustains some minor injuries. 

Wishing the them speedy recovery.


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