Football will Collapse If The European Super League Gets Started:Experts Say


Today,am going to tell you the reason why some football experts and professional think the introduction of the European super league will be the end of the global football journey and some disadvantages this league will bring.All I want from is,take your time, contribute by sharing this and be vigilant.

The bundesliga, Spanish laliga, English premier league,french ligue 1 and the Italian Seria 1 are the most watched leagues in the world.The fans, competition,players,stadiums, history and love of these leagues makes them much more interesting to watch every season.

Have you heard about the European super league?

The European super league is a league which is said to host less than 15 European clubs and it would be started in the early August of this year.There will be two groups whereby the clubs will be divided and scheduled into home and away fixtures.It would be played in the mid week.Those who make it to the top three will be able to play in the quarter and before the finals,there would be a play off for the fourth and fifth place.Clubs included in this disgraceful league are Manchester United, Liverpool, Manchester city, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspurs(Epl).Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico Madrid(La liga). Juventus,Intermilan,Ac.Milan(Seria A). There's no club from the bundesliga and the French league one.

One might think this league will be fascinating enough but the dark side of it is that,this league isn't governed by either the FIFA or UEFA but rather controlled by selfish people like the chairman florentino Perez and some 4 of vice chairmen.

If All these clubs participate in the European Super league,they have to resign from their domestic leagues because they have to resign from the European club Association.The Awful part of it is that,all the players in this new league(European super league)will not be able to represent their country in the world cup tournament which means they will not be able to take part in the UEFA champions league,Europa league,FA cup,Club world cup,Epl,laliga, international friendlies and many other major leagues.Football will be "horrendous" because imagine epl without Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United,mancity and Liverpool and even the ucl without Ronaldo, Messi, Barcelona,real Madrid,mancity,etc.

Football might collapse because fans will no longer watch these matches because their clubs are out of the league and this would make the remaining clubs in the league suffer from financial problems.Why are these clubs eager to play in this disgraceful European super league?."Money";£3billion will be shared among these clubs and a loan from the J.P morgan bank in newyork(USA) will be given to these clubs.So clubs like Barcelona who have suffered from debt will use these money to pay off their debt.

I hope you now understand why some experts like Alex Ferguson, journalist And other football legends say this might end the football pyramid.In short,it means the Americans are trying to control the European football with money.However,the Seria A is telling Juventus to resgin from this league or else it won't be able to take part in the Seria A and moreover,the Fifa and UEFA,the British prime minister,have vowed to do their best to prevent this league from taking place.Many Epl clubs have apologized on them joinin the league but we don't know if they have real resigned from it.We will only know if it begins.

What can you say about the introduction of this European super league?

Do you think it's good or it's the worst league to come?

Share with us all what you think about this disgraceful league.I hope you enjoyed my article.Untilmy need to article, please stay safe,and be vigilant.

As always,we see differently.