Ghost And It's Influence In Human Lives


Are ghosts real? This the question a lot of people have been asking for a while now. The answer has been Yes or No to everybody due what each and everyone believe in.

Nana Kwame a young guy who really know about the spiritual world so he told Evangelist Prince Asare on C TV that ghost are real as people use to say.

He said every human being becomes Ghost immediately him or she dies. God breath into is the breath of life so the spirit does not die but the body does die, also he said there are two spirit in us and whenever we sleep one leaves the body and the other looks after the body.

He continued to say if someone dies and goes to the land of the dead,that means the person is automatically going to hell, the same applies to when a person dies and go to paradise, that means the person is automatically going to heaven.

He said there are three Angels that will come to you to perform their duties before you die. One will come for your strength, the second one will come for your heart and the last one will come the breath.

When the person is sent to the Land of the death Grand Master there will give you one angel to look after the person there and the angel will make sure you work very hard every day and the person will be beaten every day.

He also said pregnant women should never go to see a person lying in state because the spirit can remove your child and put a demonic child into your stomach. Also children should not be taken to where a person is lying in state.

So he conclude by 90 percent of our lives are spiritual and also ghost are real.