Acha Baba Aitwe Baba; (Video) Residents Match In Thousands To Receive Raila In Nyahururu Town

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Raila Odinga has gain more popularity in mount Kenya Region over the past one month more than any other presidential candidate in the country right now.

The ODM party leader is at the verge to announce his declaration to run for the country's top seat and he needs the back up from all corners of the country to make sure that he does not miss it in the next year's general elections.

With his azimio la umoja manifestos,the opposition chief has attracted more supporters than haters and proved his haters wrong with his ability to climb the mountains very fast.

In a video posted by Jubilee party supporter Pauline Njoroge,the residents from Maina village in Nyahururu have been seen matching in their thousands to receive the ODM chief who is expected in the area.

"This is Nyahururu,Maina village,ahead of hon Raila Odinga's arrival. Residents are walking to town in large numbers to attend his rally," Pauline Njoroge captioned the video.

"A few months ago who would have for seen this happening at the heart of Mount Kenya? Truly politics is the art of possible," she added.

Pauline Njoroge captioned the video to show that the mount Kenya Region phobia and stereotype towards Raila Odinga is already gone and the people from the Region are very free and ready for Raila's Presidency.

This proves his enemies and haters wrong,for those who said that pork could not be sold in the mosque are now Wondering how Raila managed to convince the people of Mount Kenya Region to support him after four attempts and failing.

Raila Odinga has been more focused in turning mount Kenya Region into his base Support zone after getting into a handshake with uhuru Kenyatta which seemed to have added some points to him and made the people change their Minds.

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