Why Asking a Man to Love You Maybe Wrong (Opinion)


Trying to persuade a man to love you is like trying to teach a pig to appreciate beauty and cleanliness. It’s impossible and pointless. You are too precious to beg for love. A man who truly loves you will pursue you and not treat you like trash. Don't waste your valuable time trying to convince, persuade, or beg a man to love you. Any man that takes you for granted will eventually take advantage of you. A man that doesn't love you, will never love you no matter how much love you show them.

A man's rejection of you doesn’t mean there is anything wrong about you. You can’t change a man’s opinion of you, but you can prevent them from using you and taking advantage of you by not acting desperate. Let your head lead your heart out of a toxic relationship. Never grand a man access to your heart when you know he takes it for granted. A man who truly loves you will sacrifice everything for the woman he loves, he will not seek to hurt or harm you. Do yourself a favor. Deal with the pain of a breakup now than face a lifetime of regret, abuse and the excruciating pain of divorce later. You can't ignore this warning and not get hurt eventuality. Be with a man who pursues, celebrates you and honors you.

 Run from a man who just tolerates you and treats you disrespectfully. If you don't matter to him before marriage, you will not suddenly matter to him in marriage. If you're the only one fighting for the relationship, you will be the only one fighting for the marriage. A cheap guy is one who brings a girl to live with him without having paid bride price, one who has casual sex with different women then brags about it to his friends, one who made a child with a woman and refuses to marry her, one who courts a woman for more than a year with no intention of marrying her.

Any man who will court a woman and not put in any effort to impress her or make her happy for the simple fact that he gave his body the time of day, our time is very precious as women men need to know and appreciate this.

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