Disclaimer| I'm not gay but I married a man because I have suffered in the arms of women

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A man took to social media to vent about how women played a role , in him getting married to a man.

Judging from his post on Facebook, the man had a bad experience with women from childhood.

In a post, he explained how his father used to tell him that he must not trust women because his mother left him when he was young. "My dad used to tell me that women will make me suffer, but I didn't believe him. I went ahead and gave my heart to women, as a result they crashed it and left it into pieces". I was married to women twice but divorced ,because they were not good for him, he said .

The man who has been warned to never trust women by his father , has found love in the arms of another man. He got married again,but this time with a man and since then, he have been the happiest man ever.

His pictures with his husband on their wedding went viral and people had a lot to say about them. While others felt like he was justifying his attraction for men,Others accused him for having child trauma and hatred amongst women.

Some of the comments from Facebook "Childhood trauma is real you were supposed to get counseling before even starting to date a woman, you started those relationships with a negative expectation already so you were obligated to see the worst in them no matter how hard they try to give you love . I'm not trying to justify bad acts of woman but don't be biased. I'm glad you are happily married just don't box your happiness into a specific gender, you are happy because you have a beautiful connection with that brother. Women are not all monsters, the same way not all men are saints 💖".




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