"I Felt Like A Goddess" Bridget Shighadi Comments.

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We all know her as Sofia. She is a beautiful, charming, captivating and very influential. Her sense of fashion will leave you wanting to see more.

She is known for acting as a villain in all the shows that she has appeared in. Despite her villain character, Bridget is a very calm, very understanding and a very humble human being. She knows how to forge relationships easily and she is very outspoken.

Her daughter Dua is the luckiest girl to have walked on this earth to have such a mother. She has done a good job at raising her and trying her best to keep little Dua from the trolls of social media and bloggers.

On her birthday party, Sofia wore a very beautiful outfit that really complemented her beautiful looks. She commented saying that she felt like a Goddess and truly she actually looks like one. Very beautiful indeed!

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