A Woman Who Says She Loves You Only When You Buy Her A Gift Loves Your Money And Not You- Omokri


Many people mistake love for material things for love especially boys. There are girls and women that only stay with you when you have something to offer them. When you become broke, they'll eventually leave you for another man since they're not benefiting anything from you anymore.

According to Mr Omokri, if the only time a woman tells you that she loves you is when you buy her an expensive gift, she is saying those words to money, and not you. The day money leaves you is the day she'll also leave you and follow her true love whenever it has gone.

Mr Omokri further tweeted that some women follow money as if they are its shadow. They call a man honey, as long as he has money. Their sweetheart must have sweet cash, or they sweep him aside.

Reno Omokri advised that you should flee from elastic love that stretches and shrinks according to your cash. Below are people's comment on Mr Omokri's tweet.

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