Where To Get Cheap, Testy Food In Nairobi's CBD

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Many Nairobians eat on a budget and mostly they depend on food kiosks for lunch meals because they are pocket friendly.

Pot Base is one of the places where conductors, drivers, land and insurance brokers and cart pullers have their lunch at a cheaper price. Here you can easily survive with a monthly budget of Ksh2,400 to Ksh3,000. A plate of nyama choma with ugali, matumbo and cabbage goes for Ksh60.

Another joint in town where one can enjoy a meal at an affordable price is San Siro kibanda near Afya Centre where chai kadogo goes for Sh15 and githeri sukuma at Sh50.

Other delicacies served in this kibanda are ugali, mutton and cabbage which goes for Sh100, managu chapo for Sh60 and Githeri mix at Sh50.

Other joints that offer cheap foods in town include Fanaka Restaurant where one can treat themselves to a plate of Kienyenji served with a small bowl of soup at Sh100. In Ngara, Jagannath is the place to be because all the foods are less than Sh100. Chapo ndengu goes for Sh80 and chapo dondo for Sh70.

The most expensive food in Nairobi is seafood and it can be found in five-star hotels where a meal costs up to Sh4,000. Meals at these hotels can be exotic or local.

Some of these joints also serve game such as ostrich, gazelles, turkey and every edible animal. Local starchy foods ranges from ugali to mukimo. A lunch buffet goes for Sh2,900 to Sh3,300.

You can also visit Mama rocks burger. This restaurant also specializes in burgers and fries. They have two locations. One at Kilimani and one at West lands (the Alchemist).

What I loved about them is the ambiance and their set up which is really nice and old school. My opinion about their burgers is that they were just regular burgers but my friends seemed to like them. Their sweet potatoes fries were awesome even though they were like 20 pieces or less.

Their plantain was a bit dry and too small of a portion. Their normal fries were really nice too. Their prices range from 950 to 1,100 for burger meals. Another downside to this is that they charge you for sauces. Who does that! Ketchup is 50 bob and any other sauce you want you have to pay extra. They have happy hour from 4-7 pm every day.

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