What caused Bushiri to say he is a fake prophet might be this

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How can Bushiri make such a statement?

Could it be a frame?

Being a servant of the Lord Almighty is not just as easy as anyone might think it is. Servants of God spend sleepless nights praying for their fellow churches.

They help in almost every trouble and problems that people might come accross. And some of them are even gifted with the miraculous powers from above.

But, what happens some days you might say it is a twist of fate. Instead of them to be respected, they be humiliated before people.

And today, a post have been circulating saying that Major 1 finally accepted that he is not a true prophet of God.

If he is not a prophet of God, think about the things that he did, think about the people qho got cured as he prayed for them, thibk about the miracles.

Would you still say he is false? Then how do you explain the things that he did that no ordinary person has ever done?

I for one think and believe that this is all a set up, someone might have came up with that declaration just to ruin bushiris name.

And that perpetrator deserves to be caught amd sued. Because he or she has just played with another mans dignity.

Dignity and respect are the kind of things that one can never get so easily, they are earned by a very high price. So, if indeed it is not the prophet who has made such speach.

The one who started the whole rumour must be found and made example of for evryone to see. Then they might not even give in the thought for this kind of thing ever again in their lives.

Consider how much he was trusted by a large number of people across Africa. The Prophet has performed numerous miracles in front of the people, and they have come to trust in him. Bushiri attracted so many disciples that he became one of South Africa's most popular prophets.

Now when things aren't going so well for him, something must be done to re-energize his power and perform miracles so that people will regard him as a legitimate prophet. No one has ever accused him of anything, but he recently said that he was a phony prophet, not a real one.

However, issues like this are being debated on social media sites. It is not a pleasant experience for his fans. But, for those who were against him, it appears that everything they had been saying about Bushiri all along was correct.

Some are weeping for the tithes and offerings they've made on his behalf, and it all came to a halt with tears. For the time being, it's unclear what happened to him after he revealed these things.

Despite all, he most urgently requires prayers. He can work out his difficulties with a living God as long as he is still alive.

Source: https://matt247k.co.za/2022/01/19/watch-bushiri-allegedly-shocks-mzansi-with-his-declaration-i-am-a-fake-prophet/

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