Ghana Vs Comoros, Should Ghana Lose or Draw see what will happens

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The African Tournament is on and The Senior National Soccer Team of Ghana is facing hard times at this early stage. Chances are that we may not be able to make it to the next round should we lose or draw the match with Comoros. Ghana black stars is currently third in our group table and We only need a winning point to qualify to the next round. Even though most people think Comoros is not much a strong team for the Blackstars, people are still in doubt as to if the Ghana Team will be able to defeat them.

On social media a lot of people are complaining about the performance of the Ayew Brothers some say the coach should either substitute them after minutes of playing or bench them to make way for other players to also exhibit their talent.

Should Ghana win the match, they are in the competition, should they draw or lose they are completely out of the African Cup of nations tournament.

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