List Of DP Ruto Allies Who Have Been Removed From Parliamentary committee Positions Recently

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Source: The Star Kenya

After the fallout with the president, members of parliament allied to Dp Ruto have been facing problems as they have lost their lucrative positions in Parliament while others are being threatened and harassed by the government organs.

Among the legislators who have recently lost their committee positions includes the following;

1. Catherine Waruguru

She is Laikipia county women representative and was discharged from the Committee on Agriculture and Livestock, where she also served as the Vice Chairperson.

2. William Kipkemoi Kisang

He is an mp for Marakwet west and he was dropped from the post of being chairman in the Committee on Information,communication and technology

3.Katoo Ole Metito was discharged from the Committee on Defence and Foreign Relations, where he also served as the chairperson.

4.Japhet Kareke

He represents Maara constituency and he was removed from the chairmanship of the Environment and Natural Resources committee.

4.David Gikaria

He is the mp from Nakuru east and he has lost his position in the energy committee.

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