5 practical ways to take care of your mental health

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Mental health is a difficult topic. A lot of people are struggling with their mental health, a lot of people’s lives have been claimed by issues associated with mental health. That’s why this topic can never get old. We have to take care of our mental health in order to live a quality life. This allows us to be fully present for our families, friends, and other commitments.


How do we go about taking care of our mental health? I will give you 5 practical ways that have helped me so far. They worked for me, maybe they might not work for you.

1. Talking to someone – it can be overwhelming not being able to express yourself, it leads to the build-up of emotions. This has a negative effect on us, it affects our mood, activities, and communication with others. Finding someone who is reliable, kind, gentle, and willing to listen helped me learn how to express myself. Instead of bottling up feelings and experiences, I was able to voice out what was bothering me, which then helped me to cope with my issues. It can be a friend, therapist, or partner.


2. Eating healthy – What we eat affects how we feel. When we consume junk food, we are most likely to feel lazy, unproductive, tired, sad, and depressed. When we eat healthy, we are guaranteed to feel productive, energetic, good, happy, and at peace. You can change a lot just by cutting down sugar, too much salt, fats, and bad carbs. We can enjoy junk but if we consume it daily, it does more harm to our mental state.

3. Exercising – Taking care of our bodies automatically means we are taking care of our minds. Our mind gains when we exercise. When we are healthy and fit, we are less likely to feel heavy, sad, fatigued, and moody. You’re doing your mind a great favour when you work out. Try running, walking, skipping rope, or simple home exercises and notice how you feel after a week.


4. Watching what you watch – What you consume with your eyes and ears also plays a huge role. When you watch sad, moody, negative, and downgrading content, you are more likely to end up feeling depressed. What you watch has an effect on your mental health. Watching things that encourage positivity, joy, happiness, and peace will leave you feeling peaceful and encouraged to face tomorrow with new hope.

5.  Spending time with people who love and value you – Isolating yourself will make you feel more alone, sad, and may lead you to overthink. Spending time with people who love and value you will remind you that you are loved, cared for, and appreciated. This makes one feel good and hopeful. Make it a habit to spend time with other people instead of sitting alone and being too hard on yourself.

I hope these practical ways help you in your journey of taking care of your mental health. Get up, be active, explore, laugh, and be conscious of your emotions. 

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