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Mnakwethu slay queens are not ready to do housewife chores

Musi Mseleku made a reunion by inviting all the fuests who appeared on the show. They were all allowed to say what's on their mind.

All the main wives didn't want to be disrespected by the girlfriends of their husbands, some of the wives wanted the girlfriends to respect them as the first wives.

Main wives think that these girlfriends should do house chores to be proper wives. Slay queens were not having it they stated that they will not do those type of chores because of their longa nails and weaves.

Polygamy marriage is not a child's play.

When entering into polygamy you should know what you're doing and be able to hold on to it.

Some of these slay queens have been on the polygamy because of their husbands money they want to be spoil and live fresh.


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