46-year old woman collapse to death at her husband's burial


46-year old woman collapse to death on her husband's burial 

A sad day has beckoned the Kronom family, as the sad news of their beloved sister, and mother was pronounced this morning. Mrs. Philomina Agalga Afful, has turned her back to the world, after she collapsed on her husband's burial yesterday. Philo as known by many, was a woman who took pride in everything she did, but death couldn't allow her to enjoy her life. Philo and her husband Afful met in an uncertain circumstances, way back in 2000. Philo at the time was driving a chartered taxi from Atonsu to Kronom, when she met her husband. It was raining cuts and dogs, and the weather wasn't favorite for Mr. Afful, who was running in the rain. Philo instructed her taxi driver to stop behind the man, running in the dense rain. It has been raining on the entire day of 1 July 2000, and businesses has been closed for the day because of the rain.

Mr. Afful went to town but unfortunately lost his wallet, and couldn't reach anyone for help. Mobile phones were not common on the time, and there was no means of calling someone. It was only call centres operating, and he knew no number to call, though they had a Ghana Telecom land-line in their house. Philo pulled over to the man, asked him where he was going, and he couldn't be grateful to Philo's generosity. Mr. Afful was going to Kronom, the same town Philo was going to. Through the help of Philo and her chartered taxi, Afful was able to escape the perimeters of the difficult rain. 

Philo and Afful became friends as he made rampant calls to her house, and vice versa. The two started their lives officially on that 1 July, as it was the day that brought them together. They became unofficially married on the 5 of July, when Afful went to Philo's house to thank her for what she did. Something happened between them on that 5, whiles both were inside the living hall of Philo's rented house.

The two waited until 2005, until they became officially married couples. They had three children together, One was born in Ghana and the Two were all born in Germany. Philo through some friends, got a call to visit Germany in 2003, she had no funds for it but made it there. Afful sold his four plots of land, and used the money to support Philo's travel. Many insulted him and called him names, but he still did it. They were not married at the time officially, but he still did it. 

Philo in 2004, worked on a connection to bring Afful and their daughter to Germany, and they succeeded in reuniting their marriage in Germany on December 2004. They got married the next year 2005 in Germany, and has since been enjoying their lives, until death came for the husband last year. Afful died as a result of pneumonia, last year in Germany. Philo could not handle the news, when doctors confirmed the news of her husband's death, and almost went mad at the Hamburg EPPENDORF hospital on the 18 of September 2020. 

She broke the news to the family in Ghana, and they supported her with everything. Family made contributions for her to return the body, but Philo never took the money. She hold the view that, Her husband's burial shouldn't be force onto the family whiles younger generation was in the family. Together with her children, they flew Afful's body to Ghana on the 20 of February 2021, last week. Family had already made funeral preparation for the body and burial, when they arrived. 

Burial of Mr. Jonathan Kwabena Afful could not go through peacefully yesterday, when the wife collapsed on seeing the body. Family started the viewing of the body yesterday morning, and friends were to move past the body as it laid in the open for viewing. Philo felt to her kneels as soon as she saw her husband's body, and was given first aid response by one of her children. Her blood pressure was high, and they rushed her to the hospital. Traffic was huge on the road but the funeral hearse that brought Mr. Afful's body, used its siren to make way for Philo to be transported to the KATH Medical Center. Philo was stabilized upon arrival, but couldn't hold on this morning. Her pressure went up in the early morning of today, and doctors couldn't save her again. She died around 5:40 in the morning. 

Mr. Afful was buried yesterday morning by family and friends, whiles the children was with their mother at the hospital. 

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